This is some major splicing work carried out to a Victorian bay window in Fornham All Saints near Bury St Edmunds.

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These are picture’s of some renovation work that we did on an old pub that we converted into a B&B.

Well where do we start!

It started when our daughter and her husband wanted an extension built on their house and Andy was doing the work for them and he also had a very good team of workmen that worked to the same standard as himself i.e. bricklayer, plumber, electrical and a plaster and this is very valuable in this sort of work. And at the time we were looking for a house that we could do Bed & Breakfast well we found a house and yes we needed a lot of work done on the inside of the house like convert large rooms into bedrooms and bathrooms after speaking with Andy as to what we needed with our ideas and I must say that he did listen as some workman listen then go off and do there own thing then you are left with a job that you are not happy with.

As for the fixtures in the bedrooms he fitted three wardrobes in each of the bedrooms and as the ceilings are all sloped he made them fit very well and we were very pleased with this. We also had the landing and the downstairs toilet floors fitted with oak flooring and again he made a good job of this and as we are pleased with this we are asking him to come and do the dining room and fit a new kitchen So as you can see we are very happy with standard of workmanship that he produces

I would not hesitate to recommend him

J.Hobbs, Pear Tree Bed & Breakfast